European Off-Road Championships

From the 30th of May and the 2nd of June 2024 – Annecy France

In 2024, the 2nd edition of European Off-Road Championship will take place at Annecy between 30th May and 2 June 2024.


One of the best nations in the world”.

André Giraud, President of the Fédération Française d’Athlétisme: “Today, off-road racing encompasses a whole range of disciplines that are of major importance to French athletics. We’re also one of the world’s top nations in trail and mountain running championships, and it’s only natural that the FFA should support the MaXi-Race organizers’ bid for this fine project.
We’re delighted to be hosting the European Championships in Annecy, France, in the same year as the Olympic Games !
We would like to thank European Athletics, who have placed their trust in the skills of the organizer and the experience of the FFA.
With the support of public and private partners, and in an exceptional region, this event, which will bring together top-level athletes and the general public, will be unmissable in 2024 !


Celebrating trail running in all its forms”
Stéphane Agnoli – Event Director – MaXi-Event’s: “Nine years after the World Championships, MaXi-Race is proud to once again host an international event such as the European Trail and Mountain Running Championships. First and foremost, it’s recognition for all the hard work our teams have put in since the event was created in 2011. It’s also a sign of confidence in our positioning.

We have always worked to unite all intentions by supporting the development of the discipline, with national and international federations, private teams and brands, while remaining attentive to riders of all levels. Hosting these championships is part of our determination to be both a player and a driving force in a booming discipline.

These European championships will be a unique opportunity to celebrate trail running in all its forms, bringing together the best European athletes and amateur and professional trail runners on the same site. Our region is one of the most beautiful playgrounds in the world for outdoor activities, and will be one of the finest stages for promoting sport and health.

City of Annecy

“The city of Annecy is a land of sports”.

Catherine Allard, deputy mayor in charge of sports associations: “Annecy is a land of sports, and we’re delighted for the organizers to be able to host a competition of this scale once again. The Maxi-Race is to Annecy what the Saintélyon is to Saint-Etienne and Lyon, and the 2024 edition, with the European trail championships, promises to be full of surprises ! We’ll be supporting the event, making it a point of honor to limit its carbon footprint, and working with the organizers on a section dedicated to preserving the environment. So that we can continue to run for a long time to come in these beautiful areas and enjoy the mountains !